School Changes Voting Activity

Voting and writing worksheet based on NH3 p. 69. Students can vote to keep/change school rules and add their own ideas.

This is based off of page 69 of New Horizon 3, where students answer a survey about changes they want to make to their school. Could also be used for 2nd grade students!
Students can vote for uniforms/no uniforms, English/other language classes, and eating lunch in the classroom/a cafeteria.
There is an example to show them how to explain their reasoning, also. The grammar is from last year (I want to...because...), but it takes time for the students to search for words in the dictionary, etc.
On the backside of the sheet is a prompt for them to explain their own ideas to improve the school.
This worksheet was really successful for me, as even my more disengaged students were willing to share their opinions and ideas.
(I checked with my teachers ahead of time if these questions were okay with them. Might want to do the same for your JTEs just in case!)
Please let me know how it goes if you use this!

Submitted by letsgoenglish September 22, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes
  1. lsuna September 25, 2023

    I really love this! How did you introduce voting before?

  2. letsgoenglish September 28, 2023

    @Isuna I gave a presentation on voting in the U.S. (also requested by my JTE) and at the end brought up American school elections, where roles like president, vice president, and treasurer are elected and these representatives meet with the school principal and other staff to try to campaign in the students' interests. I used that to transition into this activity.

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