Paper Mario RPG- Directions

Oh no! The princess has been taken again by Bowser and its up to Mario to save her! however, Mario cant read! Help Mario traverse the world by giving directions and answering review questions!

Hello everyone! this is my first real attempt to upload an activity so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I grew up loving paper mario TTYD and wanted to make an activity celebrating the remake that will soon be releasing on the switch!

This is an activity for either 4th or 5th grade elementary school students who learn about basic directions: "Go straight" "Turn Left" "Turn Right".

The only thing teachers should prepare for this activity is to make a copy of the map on the last slide and bring it to class for the students to reference as the ppt progresses, I made a VERY big version that takes up most of the black board so everyone can see.

Have the students give Mario directions as he approaches each slide with arrows and touch the corresponding arrow with the direction. Answers to to the correct direction are in the notes of each slide. I was going to make a "try again" slide for times where mistakes are made however ive been working on this for too long and have gotten lazy so feel free to add one if you'd like.

For the battle slides please input some review questions to have the students help Mario win the battle!

There is ALOT to this powerpoint so please be sure to practice beforehand and to read ALL the notes for each slide. Some slides have secret actions that only happen if a certain criteria is met.

I hope your students enjoy watching Pikachu defeat bowser as much as my students did (Youll under once you go through the powerpoint haha)

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and ill do my best to answer! Enjoy!

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  • Paper Mario RPG directions with sound.pptx (37.8 MB)
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    Submitted by Metapod October 5, 2023 Estimated time: 20min+
    1. Matthew October 6, 2023

      Wow great work mate!
      Eager to try in my directions class if time permits! Well done!

    2. larimarly October 6, 2023

      Yesss, thanks for making a Mario directions activity! Pikachu taking out Bowser in the end is great lol
      If I could make one suggestion, I think the animations could be sped up a bit during the battle scenes, but wonderful work regardless! I'd love to use this with my 4th graders when they get to the directions unit!

    3. Metapod October 6, 2023

      Thanks for the suggestion! I agree some could probably be sped up! There were some i originally had faster but looked so unrealistic it was comical so i slowed them down haha. Feel free to change anything to make it better for you :) If you do use it for 4th grade let me know how it goes!

    4. Metapod October 6, 2023

      Appreciate the kind words! Let me know how it goes if you get to use it!

    5. MrJsensei October 17, 2023

      You clearly out a ton of work into this. Amazing

    6. elsieeee October 17, 2023

      super thanks! this is sooooo goood!!!

    7. Adriansensei October 20, 2023

      This is a good game!

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