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How can I go to the train station?

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Boston T Map

A modified map, and powerpoint of the Boston T (train system in Boston) to practice New Horizon Daily Scene 4 - giving directions.

Could you tell me how to get to Fukuoka Airport?

This Ppt/worksheet is for the Year 3 Sunshine textbook for giving directions, although it could probably be modified for other textbooks.

Time Maze

This activity combines the directions lesson with the time lesson, using a maze. Students have to try and acquire as many clocks as they can in a limited period of time.

Cha Cha Slide

Fun class to practice various action words

Giving Directions Introduction

Practice for New Crown 3 Let's Talk 1 Giving Directions

How To Get Around School

This lesson should be used as a review activity AFTER the students already know how to ask and express directions.

Bus Directions

Students work at a hotel front desk giving "customers" written directions to various sites around the city using a bus route map. (Review of New Crown 2 & 3 We're Talking 1)

Dice Station

A group game where students take turns calling out stations and giving directions while trying to win points.

Take the Train Game

Board game to practice "Change trains at _____" "Get off at ______ station." "Take the _______ line."

Crazy Bus Race

Based on New Horizon's Speaking Plus 2 (grade1), students create their own dialogue using the Crazy Bus map and worksheet.

Spot the Dog

Powerpoint for practicing up, down, left and right

Gang War Battle Game

A powerpoint game useful for review.

Directions Race

Students race to find all the places on the map. This is a first year friendly take on World Rally.

Neighborhood Race

Blindfolded kids are guided by their teammates through a map to find a place. This game uses the directions: right, left, up, down, back and stop.

Cutting Classes

Students A and B each have half of a school map. They play Janken in a race to finish their map.

Mr. Bump

Blindfolded students are guided through an obstacle course while listening to their partner's directions to avoid 'dangerous' desks.

Town Quest Fighting Game

A powerpoint for practicing directions

Land Of The Blind

Students work in pair teams; one blindfolded while the other issues commands to move around the room and avoid getting caught by the Oni (Devil) team.

World Rally

Spice up that boring direction class with a little unadulterated racing goodness.

How To Get To

Students work in pairs and ask/answer questions to various destinations.

Blindfold Direction

A blindfolded student is guided by his peers to his chosen destination.

Town Directions

A map of a town with a worksheet.

Train Travel Directions Activities

Quizzes, maps and worksheets to be used for giving train directions.

Ways To SF

This is a simple listening exercise for students to learn how to ask for directions and draw on the map while famous places in San Francisco are being introduced to them.

Where Am I?

Students practice giving and receiving directions while playing Othello.

Comparatives "Totoro is bigger than Mei"

Pair activity to practice comparatives.

Let's Talk 8 How far and How to get there

Three activities I use with this lesson, a 'janken' card collecting game, a distance quiz and then making and memorizing dialogues.

New Horizon 2, page 78 "Which bus goes to...?"

A pair activity that allows students to practice giving directions in a real world situation.

I'm looking for the... New Horizons 1, page 100

A pair activity that allows students to practice speaking to their partners in a real world situation.

Could you tell me how to get to Shinjuku?

Giving direction at a train station. To be used with New Horizon 3, pg 68 (or a similar dialogue)

Top 5 activities

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