Halloween 'simon says' (drawing activity)

A Halloween themed simon says activity to train students' listening skills. They must listen closely to your instructions and draw what they hear.

note: you can choose to use the PowerPoint provided if your students are unconfident with their listening skills and need visual guidance.

1. Hand out the 'Let's draw a Halloween picture' worksheet.
2. Explain that the students will need to listen carefully to what you say, and draw what they hear. If there is confusion please give an example with the JTE. An example would be 'there is a dog'. Have the JTE draw a dog on the blackboard. Emphasise that the students should try drawing something even if they're not sure about the vocabulary.
3. Run through the slides to refresh/teach directions and positions (on the left side, on the bottom, on top of etc).
4. Read out the sentences and give students 3-4 minutes to draw their ideas. Feel free to play fast and loose, you can walk around and help students out, give more time, let stronger students call out definitions etc.

This activity is pretty easy to adapt to different ability levels by changing the sentences.
If you have a small class you could host a small exhibition so everyone can share their results.
Although this is a simple activity, I've found senior highschool classes also respond well as they get to flex their creative muscles.

Submitted by JoeySB October 10, 2023 Estimated time: 20~30 minutes
  1. anantodam October 12, 2023

    This is a great concept

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