What's in your room?

Students practice using "There is/are" to describe what's in their room.

For the first worksheet, students draw what items are in their bedroom and where. For students who don't like drawing they can also just write the word. I've included a basic floorplan so they don't have to worry about drawing general stuff like a bed, desk, closet, etc. I've also included a word bank with common items, but they can also draw items that aren't in the word bank. After they finish drawing their own room, you can pass out the second worksheet.

For the second worksheet, students will draw the items in their classmate's room. I added a spot on top of each floorplan so they can specify whose room it is, "Hiro's room". For my class, the worksheet was double sided with two floorplans on each side. You can have them either work in 5-6 person groups or roaming pairs. The key sentences are as follows:

A: What's in your room?
B: There's a computer. There are slippers.

To up the difficulty, you can have them say specifically where it is.
"There's a computer on the desk. There are slippers by the bed."

You could also have them include the number of items.
"There are 3 stuffed animals on the bed."

Submitted by nauteacher November 16, 2023 Estimated time: 20-25 minutes (8-10 mins to draw their own room, 15-17 mins to draw partner's room)

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