Colors Board Game (Sugoroku)

A board game for 3rd grade ES Let's Try 1 or anyone teaching colors.

Game Boards, 1 per group (groups of 3-4 recommended)
Handouts, 1 per student
Dice, 1 per group
Game pieces (optional, you may have students just use their own erasers)

Everyone starts on the starting flag square, they can play janken to see who goes first. The first player will roll the dice and move in the direction of the arrow that many spaces. I recommend encouraging students to read out each color as they move over them instead of just counting spaces as they move. When they land on a square, they should say "I like ..." for whatever the color was and then color in that stripe on their rainbow handout. They can keep going around and around the board until someone has a completed rainbow. Students can then take their finished rainbow and bring it to show the teacher, you can also have them use some English phrase here such as "I like red, orange, yellow, green...", etc or something like "My rainbow is red, orange, yellow..." and so on.

Submitted by AndrewL November 16, 2023 Estimated time: 15min+

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