Real or Not Phonics

Uses letters S A T P I N to spell real and fake words that can be read using phonics

I based the activity around Jolly Phonics group 1. You can use the Jolly Phonics group 1 songs if you want, but you don't have to. I would recommend reviewing the phonics sounds before this activity unless your class is very strong at phonics.

The presentation starts with some letter combination practice. ST SN and NT with strawberry, snail, and can't as examples. Review these with the students, and then explain the rules of the game. Go through the slides, helping them to read the word. Then, ask them if they think the word is real or fake. Let them decide and then tell them the answer.

WORDS USED: pan, sant, spit, sit, pit, pist, stap, nap, snap, nipat, pants

I made this slideshow using Canva. I found a free phonics template and made the presentation. In the download, there's a slide with a video you can't play because of the file type. The video is the meme of the little boy spelling nutella but reading "peanut butter." The kids think it's funny, and I think it's a good example of why phonics is important. Basically, what I'm saying is that you can very easily recreate the entire presentation in Canva if that works better for your purposes. I am giving you full permission to steal from me :)

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  • Group 1 Phonics Presentation.pdf (2.04 MB)
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    Submitted by awing November 21, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes
    1. kiwiguy23 November 22, 2023

      Nice one!

    2. Mullberry November 24, 2023

      Love this! Just wanted to let you konw you spelled stop with an "a".

    3. awing November 24, 2023

      I spelled stap with an "a" on purpose. It's one of the "not real" words that they can still use phonics to read

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