Where is the beef from?

Sts play battle field style game to practice target language for Unit 6 New Horizon Elementary.

First students will move their mosters and place them on the top area of the screen keeping it a secret from their opponent.
Goal of the game is to hit their opponent`s monster using the target language.

1 Move monsters on your screen area.
2. Do Rock, Scissors and paper with your side pair (your opponent)

  1. Winner: Where is the beef from? At this step if the opponent has a monster on the beef than he/ she will answer Loser: " The beef is from Australia.

Winner will move the dart on opponents section and place it on beef.
Winner will get another chance to go.

If case the loser doesnt have his monster on the beef than he / she will answer. "I don`t know".
If this happens winner will move the red splash and place it on top of the beef on opponents section .
And they switch.
Continue till one of the pair hits all the monsters of his/ her opponent.

Please refer to the instruction slide if you need further details.

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    Submitted by RubyBHN November 24, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 mins
    1. nabbo November 29, 2023

      Is this activity interactive, or do you print it out and the students use it like a board game in pairs?

    2. RubyBHN November 29, 2023

      @nabbo we used students pc and did in pair. Yes, It`s interactive. This is digital game

    3. nabbo November 30, 2023

      Thanks. Is it just meant for touch screens? I'm trying to interact with it myself but it just ends the presentation when I click on anything.

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