'This is my day.' mini book activity

This is a mini book activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 9.

This is similar to @badartist's post, here's a link to their version:

The previous ALT at my school has the 4th graders pick a character and create a comic strip based on what they think their daily routine is and I wanted to try a different format (booklet-type) just for fun so I made a template for it. It's a very simple template that has 8 pages (1 cover page + 7 pages with text boxes). To make the book, cut along the dotted lines and fold it.

In case you need to make a sample for the kids and don't have time to make one yourself, I have included one I made using the We Bare Bears characters! (You're welcome ;))

I recommend to print the templates in A3 size so the pages end up roughly palm-sized.

Have fun!

Note: I forgot to fill in the blank on the last page, it should be "I go home." but please feel free to write whatever works for you! Sorry about that!

Submitted by kurisutaru February 22, 2024 Estimated time: 1 class period (you can also stretch it to 2)
  1. kamgogogo February 28, 2024

    The we bare bears art is so cute!! Definitely using this for my next class. Thank you!

  2. MinamiCat March 7, 2024

    Very cute!! I want to use this in my classes as a warm up in the new year!

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