6th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

It is a worksheet for page 6 "Listen and Think" activity of the NEW New Horizon 6th Grade textbooks.

The teacher is supposed to ask "Where is Nadia from?" and the students have to reply "Kenya" .
the teacher says "She's from Kenya".
and that's it, just this... I add a pinch of energy.
When they answer "Kenya" then, there is a complement helping them to write the word Kenya into the expression the teacher will have to say "She's from Kenya" I found it more dynamic...
also, kids love quizzes, I incorporated an ABC quiz, as I was used to see them in the OLD New horizon texbook worksheets.

(20240419 - UPDATE)
It needs some corrections, I really cannot make them now, I'll upload the file on 04/24.
- add the "name:_____" field
- add the PD pages to help them to write, page 2 for Africa, page 20 for friends and page 25 for sweatshirt.
- probably add more informations and silhouettes or cliparts to help them.

Submitted by Toscan April 15, 2024 Estimated time: 5 to 10 min

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