"When I'm ____, I ______" (NC2 Pg 8) Group Game!

A group game to practice the "When Conjunction".

Hello! I made this specifically for my 2年生 students to practice page 8 of New Crown 2. I like this game a lot because it doesn't require a lot of prep (just a TV), it helps the students to practice speaking, and in my experience it's a game where the students get really competitive with one another!

There are a few different ways to play it! Basically, you break your students into group, give them a key word to use, and have them take turns saying different sentences while a timer is running. (For example: if they key word is "cold", they will have to say "When I'm cold, I __________".)

When the timer goes off, the student that's currently speaking is out! Originally, I made this game 5 rounds because my students are normally in groups of 5. When a student was "out" they would sit out for the other rounds and the students would continue until each group had 1 winner.

However, this year I wanted all of my students to continue practicing, so each round all students still participated and they still had a lot of fun and still did their best to make sure they weren't the one that was talking when the timer went off lol.

I originally had this activity going for 30 seconds, but that was way too short so I changed it to 1 minute. You can make it longer/shorter based on your students speaking level! If I did it again, I'd probably extend it to 2 minutes so that they had to make multiple sentences each round.

I also hid the timer when they were down to 15 seconds, so that they couldn't see how much time was left. This really helped and I definitely recommend keeping the time a secret!

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    Submitted by emilyinsado April 17, 2024 Estimated time: 15 minutes.
    1. meatydog May 10, 2024

      This is great! And the presentation is so cute. Thanks for sharing! :)

    2. Tsensei May 13, 2024

      Nice powerpoint. I do something similar but instead of kicking students out the game I give them points if they are speaking while the timer goes off. The student with the most points at the end is the loser. haha. This way no one tries to purposely get out the game and all students remain involved.

    3. shinjirarenai May 29, 2024

      Tried this today and it went really well! We had everyone participate for every round.
      We started with a minute and a half for the first 2 rounds, a minute for the next two and then only 30 seconds for the final round. Whoever the timer stopped on the JTE and I decided randomly if they were a winner/loser. We didn't show them or tell them any time markers after they started and seeing them all jump when the timer went off was great.
      Thanks for the fun activity!

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