Months of the Year

12 Months of the Year Along with Corresponding Typical American Holidays

A Google Slides Presentation that contains the 12 months of the year in English, along with typical American holidays and traditions. I included short descriptions under most of the holidays (Except Mother's and Father's Day). The descriptions are super brief and narrow the holidays down to the most basic of descriptions. You will see that some months don't have normal holidays (April and August), so I included things that are typical for that month.


Note: Should I change out April Fools for Easter?

Submitted by rileyrj42 May 7, 2024 Estimated time: 5-10 mins
  1. Bonjure289 May 8, 2024

    Access is denied, you probably need to change the settings.

  2. rileyrj42 May 8, 2024

    Thank you for letting me know! I just updated the settings, so you should be able to see it now

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