LT2 Unit 4 ~ What time is it?

An interview information exchange activity done in pairs. They will fill in the blank after asking questions about the time.

This follows along with Let's Try 2 Unit 4. The students will make pairs and ask each other what time it is in the countries that don't have a time written on their sheets. The two are seperated by a gorilla and a frog in the corner. (there is also an answer sheet and a fully blank version as well if you just want to have them listen or create their own original times)

They'll each have to ask each other 3 for three different times. They'll need to write the hands of the clock on their clock. Feel free to have them write the time underneath as well. We found that it was good practice for them telling time in general so that's why it was settled on a clock.

You'll want to cover how to say the question, answer and country names.
Pair them up and then hand out the worksheets. Sometimes you or the HRT will need to be the extra body if you have an odd number.

We did it during the last class or two of the unit when they were pretty used to the vocab.

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