Which do you ______? Fortune Telling

In pairs, students use A or B question maps to discover their future job, pet and home country. Then they make their own maps to find their "special skill" (superpower).

Last year one of my JTE's asked me to make a "which" activity that would take the whole period. I think the maps could also be used as a fun little warm up individually instead of a full lesson though, too!

First, I usually do a quick review with the kids on how to make "which" questions, and do some examples as a class, then explain the fortune-telling premise of the activity. I tell them they'll discover their future job, pet and home country, using maps that I've already made. Then after we practice with those, they'll make their own maps and use those to find their "special skill" - basically their superpower. You can do them in whatever order you like. I used physical copies, but this activity could be done on loilonote or with printed versions, I think.

I always show one of the sheets on the TV and do a demonstration with my JTE first. Then, have the kids make pairs and pass out/digitally send one of the maps to them. They'll take turns asking "Which do you _______, A or B?" questions to each other, marking the answers as they go. Make sure you illustrate how the questions are formed on the map, and remind them to mark their progress so they don't get lost - the worksheets are pretty busy! The attached powerpoint has slides for each future, because I think it's fun for the kids to go through the results as a class afterwards and see what their classmates ended up with.

After the first three sheets, give them the blank sheet for "special skill" and have them make their own question maps. I wrote some useful verbs in the upper right corner, but I always let them use their textbooks to fill out the options, and write some categories on the board to give them ideas, like food, sports, subjects, etc. Once they've made their maps, have them ask their partners the questions, and see what letter they end up with. I think it's more exciting for them not to figure out their superpower until the end, so once everyone is finished switch to the powerpoint and reveal the results for each letter!

Unfortunately the maps were made on canva so I don't have an editable version.

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