Dont Go Attack

Students play the game Attack 25 or Attack 16 and practice using the words 'Don't' and 'Go'.

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Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le / Ashley Alexander on Jan 30, 2008.


-Have students form teams and give each team 2-3 copies of the handout.
- Draw a grid (5x5 or 4x4) on the blackboard and label the horizontal bar 'A~E' and the vertical bar '1~5'. Assign each team a chalk color. If there are limited colors of chalks, use the same color, but assign each team a different shape.
- Have one student from each team stand up. The ALT will randomly give an order, e.g. Go to the toilet! The first student to raise his/her hand will answer the question. JTE will determine which student’s hand is up first.
- The main rule is: if the picture has an X on it, students must say “Don’t ~” and if the picture doesn’t have an X on it, students must say “Go ~.” So, for the above example, the “go to the toilet” picture has an X on it, so the student's answer should be “Don’t go to the toilet”.
- The first team to correctly answer can choose a square to put their colour/shape on. Where, for example, group A answers the question and chooses A4, the ALT will mark the square A4 with group A’s color. The game continues.
- The team can conquer another team’s square by surrounding two sides vertically, horizontally or diagonally. For example, if team Red conquers square A4 and C4, they can conquer a different team's color on square B4 so that it also becomes red.
- Play until all the squares have been conquered or until class time is over. The team with the most marks on the board wins the game.


  • Go over each action on the handout with students.




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Estimated time: 15-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

August 26, 2019


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