I Have No Idea

Students try to guess their partner’s drawing then write their answer on their worksheet.

Submitted by Englipedia Archive

November 12, 2019

Estimated time: 35-50 min

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Raegina Taylor on Aug 23, 2007.


  • Students complete the 'I think it is ~' section of the worksheet individually.
  • After splitting the class into pairs, students play Janken to decide who is going to draw in the 'What's this' section first.
  • The winner chooses one of the pictures from the completed worksheet and begins to draw, asking his partner, 'What's this?'
  • When the ‘guesser’ has a guess they must adhere to the following grammar: “I think it is a(n) ~ .”


  • Do a criss-cross style game for the warm-up guessing half-pictures game.
  • Students can present their pictures at the end of the activity for a laugh.
  • You can provide pictures to the students and have them cover half the picture then have their partner guess. Pictures can include topics like food, photos, holiday items, school objects, etc.

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