Students use the names of Japanese prefectures to work on their spelling and vocabulary.

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  • Matt's Hexagonal Map of Japan
  • Large map of Japan: You can also use just a list of the different prefectures


After dividing the class into teams, explain they are each a different army.

The first team will choose a prefecture, and then one person from that team will come up to the board and have 1-2 mins to write a different word for each of that prefecture's letter.

  • Simple
  • Apple
  • Ice cream
  • Truck
  • Ant
  • Mother
  • Animal

If the student can write a word for each letter, their team has 'conquered' that prefecture.

Teams may also challenge other teams for their prefectures. In which case one member from each team must create words for the prefecture, and the team that has the longest words wins.

Whichever team has the most prefectures at the end of the game is the winner!


  • Teams can also recieve time extensions if the prefecture they want to conquer is touching one or more that they already own. Possibly ten seconds per prefecture.


  • Students may try to use the same words over and over, so it's a good idea to create a 'Ban List' from the start of the game. Once a word has been used three times it goes on the list and can't be used for the rest of the game.



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Estimated time: 45 min

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November 13, 2019


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