Relative Park Drawing

Students listen to a description of a park scene and they must draw it.

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Originally submitted by Raegina Taylor on Jan 30, 2008.


Students work in pairs and listen to the instructions and draw a scene. The aim is for students to draw a correct and good picture. Give a time limit of ten seconds after each set of instructions.

After finishing the drawing, display them on the board and get students to sign on their favourite drawing. Also, check the drawings yourself and award bonus points to correct drawings. You could do this whilst students are completing a writing task.

Instruction list:

  • There are 5 trees, 2 that are big and 3 that are small.
  • There are 6 apples that are in the small trees.
  • There is one girl who is sitting under a big tree writing a love letter.
  • There are 2 boys who are playing soccer.
  • The 2 boys who are playing soccer are wearing baseball caps.
  • There is 1 pond in the park.
  • There is 1 man who is swimming in the pond.
  • There are 5 birds that are flying in the sky.
  • There are 6 clouds, 2 that are big, 4 that are small. -There is 1 girl who is walking her dog.
  • There are 2 rabbits that are eating carrots.


Have the instructions posted around the room and students have to run, remember the set and explain it to a drawer. For this, cut down some the instructions. It could be made into a whole lesson activity.


This worked well in all levels of classes. For higher level, have more sentences than the lower-level.

Submitted by Englipedia Archive November 14, 2019 Estimated time: 15-30 min

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