Welcome to Kirby Cafe!

Practice ordering food and asking about menu prices, featuring Kirby Cafe!

Submitted by larimarly

November 9, 2022

Estimated time: 5~10 minutes per "section"

Intended for:

  • New Horizon Elementary 5 page 54
  • This is my 5th grade Kirby-themed activity for New Horizons E5 Unit 6 "What would you like?". The menu items are all food and drinks that are or were on the menu at the actual Kirby cafes around the country. The prices are all accurate as well, so students can practice saying bigger numbers in English. It's all way more expensive compared to the textbook examples! lol

    This activity is split into three parts: 1) ordering food, 2) asking about the price, and 3) saying the total price of an order with more than one food item. I also added some buttons in slide 2 to skip ahead to the different sections.

    I've done this activity over three different class periods in one class as a warm-up after they first learned the key phrase of each section, and all at once as a unit review for most of the class period at another one.

    I've also prepared a printable version of the cafe menu so that the kids can reference it for the activity. Of course, you can also send the pdf file to the JTE/HRT and ask them to send it to the students' tablets so you can stay paperless. :) Enjoy!

    Small files
  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe Menu.pdf (320 KB)
  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe Menu printable - white bg.pdf (320 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe! - updated.pptx (18.8 MB)
  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe Menu ppt.pptx (2.09 MB)
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    1. Bonjure289 November 10, 2022

      Woah! This is the cutest! Amazing job.

    2. Nisemono November 10, 2022

      this is all insanely well done! thank you for sharing! i will definitely make use of this.

    3. autumnhardesty November 10, 2022

      i love this, it's too adorable. how do u usually conduct it? by calling on a pair of students to answer out loud, in groups, etc.? i'd love to try this but i'm wondering how i should illicit answers.

    4. autumnhardesty November 10, 2022

      *elicit. and i'm supposed to teaching english smh

    5. kaukau November 11, 2022

      This is amazing work. Definitely using this!

    6. larimarly November 11, 2022

      @autumnhardesty It really depends on the class and how much time the HRT wants my activity to be--when I did it as a quick warm-up I simply asked questions to the entire class and when someone answered it right I got the whole class to repeat it, but in my other class where it was the main thing we did that day, I gave the kids time to discuss their answers in pairs so that everyone would participate.

    7. larimarly November 11, 2022

      @autumnhardesty We also did a little role-play practice afterwards using the Kirby Cafe menu instead of the picture dictionary! One student is a customer who orders whatever they want from the menu, and the rest of the class says the price and total.

    8. waivace November 14, 2022

      This is so cute!!! I love it and hope to use it!

    9. KobeALT November 15, 2022

      Incredible. So cute.

    10. Raimonds November 16, 2022

      Amazing! Thank you very much!

    11. ReySensei November 16, 2022

      Thank sooooo much. Beat regards from kitakyushu

    12. jason November 21, 2022


      Would it be possible to upload a version of the printable menu with a plain white background?

    13. larimarly November 21, 2022

      @jason Thanks! I just uploaded a white bg version of the menu.

    14. rmsmith November 29, 2022

      This is great. I can't get over kirby with a glizzy shoved into its face LOL

    15. jason November 29, 2022

      @larimarly Thanks so much!

    16. msbanana November 29, 2022

      My 5th graders enjoyed the animations and pictures so much! Thank you for sharing. Superb powerpoint!

    17. maeschooldocs December 8, 2022

      thaaaaanks lot

    18. lindagracematias December 9, 2022

      This is very nice. can you upload the word file for the menu as well. i want to add more dish. thankyou in advance

    19. larimarly December 12, 2022

      @lindagracematias: thanks! I actually made the menu in powerpoint as well instead of word.. I can upload that file anyway and you can still edit and add more dishes if you want. :)

    20. lindagracematias December 12, 2022

      Thankyou very much. i am so excited to use this... Thankyou agai for creating these kinds of activities!

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