Strange Restaurant

A spin on the common restaurant activity where students practice ordering from a menu

6/17/24 edit: For this year I have expanded the activity to also have dessert in case they finish early and you still have a bit of time. The new version is labeled as "dessert too" or something

This is an activity I did when I saw I had to make a restaurant activity. Having learned French in HS and Japanese in college, I know the restaurant activity all too well. So, I decided to have a bit of fun. I have included the two versions I used for year 2 of New Horizons page 31 and one I made for my special education class to continue practicing "I will" (I will have the.....).

The basic scenario: You were invited to eat at a restaurant by someone who said the food was great. As you enter, a tanuki changes into a "person" and acts as your waiter. You are given the menu with amazing looking food. However, as you are your friends start ordering food.... It is not as it seems.... The next day when you warn a friend about the restaurant, they tell you that there is not restaurant at all. So you search for it on Google Maps, only to be met with an empty lot and a little tanuki chilling there.

You can print the menu if you'd like or just have it displayed on a TV or projector.

For a small class like special ed, you can act as the waiter. However, for a year 2 class, they will practice the script from Page 31 with students going around the group acting as the customer (A) and the waiter (B)

print the paper with the food items and cut them out. You may have to glue a blank paper on the back of the food sheet so that the students cant see how the food looks like even if they are laying face-down.
---If it's a year two class, have them spread the food items face-down on their tables so they can read the names while they roleplay
--- For a small special ed class, just have the cards with you as they order food

The kids all had a laugh at the ridiculous food items and even more after they realized the prices of the food

I actually recently added the whole subplot of the tanuki and it being an illusion when I reused my original activity for special ed class. I really loved it so I decided to just update my original one to include that!

Year 2 Page 31 Script
Year 2 Page 31 Scenario powerpoint (with menu and food items to print out. Be careful you dont print out the whole powerpoint)
Special Education version for practicing/reviewing "I will"

Small files
  • Worksheet_Script_Let's Talk (2)- ていねいなお願い.pptx (191 KB)
  • Worksheet_DessertsToo_Script_Let's Talk (2)- ていねいなお願い.pdf (117 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Y2_Updated_LetsTalkP31.pptx (10.6 MB)
  • Sp_Will.pptx (8.9 MB)
  • Y2_DessertsToo_LetsTalkP31.pptx (15.2 MB)
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