How much is it? : THE PRICE IS RIGHT game

Here we go 5 Unit 7, the price is right game. The food listed in this game are vocabularies they learnt in the unit plus the store where the food is bought or famous for. Prices are as of 2023.

Here is a powerpoint with the theme "the price is right". The goal of the game is for the students to practice saying prices in English and asking the target grammar point which is "How much is it". Towards the end, the students, in groups, will make their own "the price is right" presentation/game.

1. Group the students into teams.
2. Each team should have a pen and paper or a white board and marker where they can write down the prices per item.
3. The students will have to add all the items mentioned in the ALT's presentation, so they either may add it manually, or use a calculator.

1. Per food, give students around 10-15 seconds to decide on what price they think the item is.
2. No one is allowed to use their tablet to search for the price. They need to talk as a group and decide on the price.
3. Towards the end, ask each group "How much is it?", and solicit them to say the price in English.
4. Whichever group has the closest "total price" guess, wins the game.

Contents of the PowerPoint:
1. Price is right title screen
2. Rules
3. 9 items with the prices covered
4. Total price
5. Prices per item.
6. slide 23 onwards is a shorter version, having only 5 items.
7´╝Äslide 37: student's turn to make their own game. Although it says, "in pairs" in my PowerPoint, feel free to change it into "as a group".

Note: for small classes, making them create the game as a pair i ideal.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Unit 7- The-Price-is-Right.pptx (18.2 MB)
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    Submitted by kamgogogo January 22, 2024 Estimated time: 15 mins
    1. AsakawaSune February 14, 2024

      I tried the first 10 of this with my class today, it was fun! However, it should probably be paired with a worksheet listing the items to save some time. We spent a fair while writing down each item on paper.

    2. kamgogogo February 19, 2024

      Happy to hear that and that's a great idea, thank you! I'll try to update it with a worksheet some time.

    3. ohnoko March 6, 2024

      I played this as an end of the year filler game with my 6th graders and they LOVED it!! Thanks for making my 6th graders last elementary school English class so fun!

      It's a small class, so we only had three teams and we didn't need worksheets. Instead we had the kids write their answers on scrap paper, then JTE and I wrote their answers on the board to keep track until we checked at the end of the round. Instead of writing out 'Saizeriya spaghetti' on the blackboard, we wrote 1. 450 390 520 (with Teams A, B, C were written above that.) Hope that makes sense :)

    4. kamgogogo March 14, 2024

      So glad to hear that!

      We had the same style too but using mini white boards. Glad it worked out well for your class! :)

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