Review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed)

JHS 1st and 2nde grade year review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed).

I like to make my activities match the season we are in. As spring approaches and with it the blooming of cherry blossoms, this jeopardy is cherry blossom themed.

- Separate the students into groups.
- Have each group get a whiteboard/marker set.
-Janken to see which order the groups will go in. When it's their turn, have them choose a category and ¥ value (just like regular jeopardy).If they answer the question correctly, add the dollar value to their points.
- When the round is over have the next group pick a category and value (repeat process until questions are finished).
- The one with the most money at the end wins.

  • Have the students switch who is writing/answering each time a question is asked.

Although I have changed most of the contents I started off by using NaganoSarah template. Thank you NaganoSarah :)

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  • 二年生 Review Jeopardy.pptx (2.14 MB)
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    Submitted by Tina_1 March 7, 2024 Estimated time: 40+ minutes

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