Active Voice & Passive Voice

Active voice Passive Voice

Slides 1 - 28 - Title, grammar points, reading and speaking practice.
Slides 29-31 - Answers to the worksheet (writing practice)
Slide 32 - End of presentation.

Page 1 - Active voice or passive voice simple choice questions
Page 2 - Convert active sentences to passive sentences (writing practice)

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    Submitted by klstoujour February 26, 2024 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    1. nisaa1234 February 28, 2024

      I was looking for activity for this grammar point and this is the best! Thank you very much for sharing! One thing I noticed is on the slide where 'Kermit drinks tea', wouldn't it be 'The tea is drunk by the Kermit' instead of was? or for eat the apple, would it be is eaten not was eaten? I'm not sure if it's right, I wanted to share it because my students catch such things really haha.

    2. Delia April 22, 2024

      Hi thanks for the fun PowerPoint. Just wanted to say on slide 31:

      1. The last slice of bread is being eaten by Ms. Brown. (Present Continuous/Progressive Passive = for something happening right now.)
      2. I would say using the present tense here is an exception because that's how sportscasters speak. But usually it would be past tense or present perfect= active: hit or has hit (passive: was hit or has been hit).

      And also regarding he other comment above about Kermit, it would have to be the active sentence 'Kermit drank the tea.' to fit the passive answers.

      There could be the active sentence, "Kermit drinks tea (every morning)." Present tense active or passive is used if you want to give a general fact about Kermit or his routine.

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