Fun activity to practice any grammar point.

Students need to fill all the categories. Just give them any letter from the alphabet, and with that letter students need to write all the categories using that letter. If you give them the letter C, they have to write a place starting with letter C, and so on. I normally do groups of 3 or 4, and give them one worksheet. I also let them use 1 tablet to search words. I think is a good way to learn new vocabulary. The team that fill all the categories, has to yell STOP! Then everybody has to stop. Then check the answers in the team that said stop. I give them 100 points per word, but 50 if other team wrote the same answer of the team that said stop. The rest can get 100 points if they have different answers. I tell them to write the points of that round, and then start a new one.

Now, here is the real speaking time. At the end of each round, I add extra points. I write on the blackboard some grammar points. For 3rd grade for example, I write 1) relative pronoun, 2)present perfect, 3)passive voice,4) past tense.

I choose one category from the worksheet, and then i tell them that they have to say a whole sentence using this grammar points. Some times I ask them to say 2 of them, 3, or even all of them using the same word.

For example, Use all grammar points with the place you wrote on the worksheet. If the letter was H, and they wrote Hiroshima, Students need to say something like this:
Hiroshima is a place that is visited by many people. I have been to Hiroshima twice. Hiroshima is loved by many people. I went there last autumn. For each grammar point they use, I give them 200 extra points. So if they use all of them, they get 800 points.

I always tell them that they have to switch rolls in each round. Someone writes, someone searches on the ipads, and someone speaks. The point is a good teamwork. They can help each other.

I have been training my students to do these grammar points, so they are very comfortable using them. It takes time for them to get accustom, but with practice, they can do it. Even the slower learners.

When you feel is time to finish, let them calculate the points they've earned till that moment.

You can use any grammar points you want. Add or remove any category you want. The point here is to have fun, and focusing in speaking.
BTW, i use a roulette with the alphabet. Here is the link

Hope your students like it!

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    Submitted by Fernand February 28, 2023 Estimated time: As long as you want
    1. ashgalethia March 17, 2023

      I used to play this game so much back home. But, we call it ABC Fast or Slow. What we usually do is choose 1 person to say the alphabet either fast or slow (in their head or very quietly so no one hears. The other person (in this case ALT) will tell them when to start and stop. Whatever letter they land on when you say stop is what they'll use for that round.

    2. alto160 February 26, 2024

      This is an interesting variation of Scattergories

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