Mario Kart Review Game

A polished Google Slides and item deck set for the classic Mario Kart review game!

Hello all! I had heard of the Mario Kart review game many times throughout my ALTing but never got too inspired to make a version for myself. However, I really enjoyed reading user Nisemono's version with the random item cards added into the mix! I decided to make my own deck and powerpoint template with a few rules tweaked. Thanks so much to Nisemono for their original upload!


  • Printed and laminated cut outs of the Mario Kart characters, preferably with magnetic tape on them (on the slides)
  • Printed deck of chance cards, preferably glued to colored paper so the cards aren't see through (on the slides)
  • Whiteboards for student groups
  • Projector


  • Arrive with enough time to make a road on the board. I draw 25 circles and connect them with a line (visual on google slides)
  • You want as few groups as you can get away with before kids start to feel left out. For 40 students, I felt the limit was 5 students per group! Have them scoot their desks together and give each group a whiteboard to write on.
  • Have teams decide captains. Captains come to the front and choose a character, put it on the board, and the team writes their character name at the top of their own whiteboard (you could have them janken for pick order, I was short on time so I chose chaos and let them free for all it).
  • Explain the game using the slides (rules and what the items do), and start playing!
  • Show the question, give them around 30 seconds, countdown, have all teams raise their whiteboards to show their answers at once.
  • After checking the answer, I chose to have the captains of correct teams come to the board and move their character +2. Then, they each take a chance card from pile (I spread them out on a desk, face down). I told them not to check the cards. I then had the students hand me their card one by one and announced their fates dramatically to the class (students went nuts on blue shells, gold shrooms, and the fabled bullet bill). The captains moved their characters according to whatever card they pulled.
  • Switch the captain between questions so everyone has a chance to pick an item!!!
  • Put the top 3 characters on the projected results screen for maximum cuteness.


  • MAIN PAGE: Clicking on the mushroom will take you to that question.
  • QUESTION PAGES: Click/input once for question to appear. Click/input again for the answer to appear. Click the mushroom to go to the item page.
  • ITEM PAGE: Click any item box to return to the main page.
  • RESULTS: You can reach this screen by clicking the trophy in the bottom right corner of the main page.


I played with 40 students. Characters all start on the same space but very quickly become separated due to the items, so don't worry about the circle sizes too much. For the categories in my example powerpoint, I let them use their textbooks for the T/F and short answer questions. Memory only for translation and spelling. Feel free to change the categories or delete them entirely. It should be fairly easy to customize this template! I'll leave my questions as an example! I also show you how I made my road.

ALSO. VERY IMPORTANT FOR KNOWING YOUR GROUPS CHARACTERS. Apparently, Bowser is Koopa in Japanese. Koopa Troopa is "Nokonoko". This mix-up lead to a 5 minute, very heated debate in one of my 1年生 classes about what name to write on their whiteboards- prepare accordingly to be roasted savagely by 16 year olds if you try to tell them "Nokonoko" is "Koopa". You have been warned!!!

Have fun if you haven't tried this game yet!


Submitted by cosmicality May 11, 2024 Estimated time: 40 minutes
Inspired by Mario Kart Quiz

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