Everyone Go To Sleep

This is a group activity/memory game for JHS New Horizons 2 p.23 "When I..." conjunction

Set up:
Split your class into groups. I did 5 students in each, but this activity can easily be adjusted for your class size.
Get the students to assign themselves numbers 1 - 5.
Give each student a worksheet.
Show the powerpoint.

Each student has to memorise part of a sentence, then work as a team to write the correct sentence.

All students close their eyes. ("Everyone Go To Sleep!") Call for students 'number 1' to look at the board to see what they need to memorise. Give them 3 - 5 seconds to look, then they must close their eyes again.
Move to the next slide. Call for students 'number 2' to look at the board and see what they need to memorise. etc.
Repeat for each group member.
Then, all students open their eyes and work together with their memorised parts to write the correct sentence. They must write it down, and bring it to the ALT to check. First group to bring the correct sentence is the winner for this round.
Show the answer slide. The red star on the right-hand side has a link to skip to the end of the PowerPoint, if you're running out of time.
Repeat for all sentences. I have included 7 sentences, but you can remove or add depending on how long you want the activity to run.
The overall winning team with the most first correct sentences wins! I usually give my students stickers :)

((For formatting, I use: 'Antique Olive Compact' or 'Segoe UI Black' for titles, and 'UD デジタル UK-R' for body text.))
((Be aware: I always put the month in the top corner of my worksheets, please check it is the correct month!))

Submitted by lianneinjapan May 23, 2024 Estimated time: 30 - 50 minutes
  1. Fayto May 27, 2024

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I wasn't sure of how to practice this section in my class. We did this in and the student's really enjoyed. Giving stickers to the fastest group made them quite competitive. Each group wanted to be the one with the most stickers :)
    My JTE liked that they were so eager to practice the target language.

  2. toyowoka May 28, 2024

    This activity looks so fun! I am not sure I'll be able to split my students perfectly into 5s, usually there will be groups that have 4 or 6. Maybe some students will have to remember two slides.

  3. lianneinjapan May 28, 2024

    @toyowoka Hi! It's okay if you can't split your students perfectly. You can edit the slides to adjust for your personal group sizes. Or, try to split your class into fives, any smaller groups of four will have to assign one person to remember for number 4 & 5. I played it like this today, and it worked fine. The smaller groups usually choose their "best" member to be responsible for number 4 & 5 πŸ˜‚

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