Draw My Dream Friend Game

Speedy coloring and drawing game!

Fun game I used to play with my middle schoolers in Korea but modified for Japanese elementary school!

Kids get really into this, so save for a day when they can be loud. (I accidentally played on a test day here)

Goal of the game
In teams, students must draw the most accurate version of a famous character based on the PowerPoint description. They get points for creativity, accuracy, and cuteness. The catch is they only have 1 minute to draw/color after hearing the definition

How to run the game
0. Split the class into teams (3-5 people/team works best)
1. Set up magnets on your board (or tape) so that each team will have a place to put their art when they finish.
2. Start the Powerpoint
3. There will be 5 hints (1-5 bullet points) on each character slide. THEN the answer will appear after the 5th bullet point. Be careful to not accidentally reveal the answer.
4. After revealing the 5 hints, start the 1-minute timer and have the teams draw and color their best version of the character.
5. When the timer finishes, have the kids place their drawings on the board.
6. Go over the hints with the class and see if the drawings match the 5 bullet points.
7. Reveal the character on the PowerPoint and distribute points.
8. Rinse and repeat with the other character slides~

You and your coteachers can play with how you want to distribute points, but this is how we did it:

Basic points=
* 1 point for if you did ALL 5 bullet points in the art/drawing.
* 1 point for writing the character's name on the art/drawing.

Bonus Points=
* JTE awarded 1 bonus point to the team of his/her choosing for the MOST accurate drawing. So if the art had all 5 bullet points AND the art looked like the answer photo on the PowerPoint, they would award a point.
* HRT awarded 1 bonus point to the team with the most cute artwork. So even if the art was not accurate, there was still a way to get points.
* ALT (me) gave 1 bonus point to the team with the most creative artwork. It didn't need to be cute or accurate. This produced some hilarious results.

* PowerPoint
* TV or projection device
* Timer (1 min)
* Board to keep score
* Area to post drawings with magnets or tape
* Scrap paper (I used recycled A4 paper from the teacher's room that doesn't have sensitive info)
* student's colored pencils/markers

Grammar Points:
He is/She is
He is good at/She is good at

Let me know if you have any questions~

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    Submitted by CarpenterBee May 7, 2024 Estimated time: 20 min
    1. Bonjure289 May 8, 2024

      This looks like an absolute blast! I need to find a time when to do this. New JTE who teaches 5th and 6th grades with me is a bit more serious and not so into games.. so I am wondering if I can even try with 3rd graders with some changes, since it uses a lot of colours, shapes, sports etc. I think it could be really fun and funny haha. Thank you so much.

    2. biscuitface May 23, 2024

      This looks like a fun activity. I'm just curious about one thing. On the Shin-chan slide, one of the hints is, "He is good at dancing with no pants." Does that not encourage the kids to draw something inappropriate? In your experience of carrying out this activity, have responses always been relatively innocent?

    3. CarpenterBee July 1, 2024

      @biscuitface TBH I usually only get to round 5 AT MOST in a 45 min lesson with 25+ kids. So maybe if I had a small class I'd get to Shin-chan's slide...? I guess it depends how long it takes you and your CT to judge all the arts and go over each sentence for accuracy. I would expect them to only get as graphic as the TV show or manga get where he kindda moon's the audience.

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