Word Search: daily routines and frequency

A puzzle to help students become familiar with words like always, usually, have breakfast, do my homework and so on. Also spaces for students to translate or trace.

This work sheet, well word search, was made for ES students who use the New Horizon text book. I hope they get used to this set set of vocab. You can let students do it alone or in pairs or groups.
One problem is that all the letters are lower study English is printed as study english. By pen I changed the e to an E and I circled that phrase to be shown as an example. It is the 5th line from the bottom.

Submitted by Furachan May 7, 2024 Estimated time: Over 10 minutes...
  1. Furachan May 9, 2024

    Looking at this again I feel I should add doodles or illustrations of some sort to the page as it looks lonely without them....

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