Pac-Man Word Guess

Students try to guess all the letters in a word before Pac-Man is eaten by the ghosts.

You only need a blackboard/whiteboard and chalk/markers for this activity. It is essentially "hangman," but that version of this game is frowned upon in schools for obvious reasons. You can play this with any number of teams or just as a single class if you don't care about giving points to students.

  1. The teacher/ALT thinks of a word and marks the correct number of blank spaces on the board. Keep space above the word blanks free for drawing images later.
  2. The students must try to guess the letters in the word.
  3. If they guess correctly, write down those letters above the spaces, and assign points to the student/team as desired. But if they guess incorrectly, write down that letter on another part of the board, and cross it out, to show that it is not part of the word. Now, begin drawing Pac-Man on the right part of the space you reserved for images. Each time a student guesses incorrectly, continue drawing Pac-Man, and then the 4 ghosts that chase him. Explain to the students that when all 4 ghosts are drawn, they will eat Pac-Man and the game is lost.
  4. Continue the game until all the letters are guessed, and a student correctly reads the word, or until Pac-Man is eaten. You can allow students to guess the word before the letters are filled in for extra points.

You don't have to use Pac-Man for this game, you can use any images you think are fun, appropriate, and you are able to draw. I think Pac-Man works well because you don't need to have great drawing skills for the images to be clear and obvious.

Submitted by Ringbearer852 May 30, 2024 Estimated time: 5-20 minutes (flexible)

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