Bomb Review Game (3rd Grade Review)

Bomb game for my incoming 4th graders, intended to review 3rd grade materials. Can be used for both grades depending on your class.

Simple review bomb game! Inspired by a few bomb games I've seen on here.
Students choose a letter or number and answer the corresponding question. The results are pre-determined. Includes blank materials and extra point cards if you'd like to shuffle things around. Just remember to hit the red arrow to return to the question screen. Letters/numbers disappear over time.

Small files
  • Bomb Game-preview.pdf (865 KB)
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  • Bomb Game-new4thgrade.pptx (3.49 MB)
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    Submitted by meatydog April 2, 2024 Estimated time: 40 minutes
    1. misshana April 3, 2024

      This is awesome! Thanks so much!

    2. meatydog April 3, 2024

      @misshana thank you!! i hope your class has fun with it :D

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