Mario Kart Quiz

A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

This is a quiz that I've been using throughout my entire time as an ALT ever since my teacher introduced it to me. Once you prepare all the materials, you just need to create a quick powerpoint to accompany the main game.

-Go to Daiso and buy some thick paper or cardstock. Maybe your schools have some already. Cut out 56 circles (or any shape really) about 5 inches in diameter. Try to keep them all the same size.
-Print out, cut out, and glue the item cards to the cut out cardstock. Do the same with the character cards. These don't have to be on cardstock but i did anyway. Once the glue dries, laminate everything. You technically don't have to laminate the item cards but for longevity sake, i would recommend it.
The character cards will also need some magnetic tape on the back so it'll stick to the board. Your school should have magnetic tape somewhere.
-create a powerpoint quiz. I`ll upload a quiz that I used recently for my first graders. there are some Sunshine English 1 textbook specific questions so you can just delete those if you wish. you can style the quiz however you like. I just threw something quick and simple together.
-if possible, arrive early to class to draw your race course on the black board, white board, or digital board. whatever your school has is fine. You can design your course however you want but make it big. I have zero imagination so my race course was just a giant circle. Make sure you draw your course with spaces on it similar to a game board, as this is where your character cards will be going.

Materials needed:
-character cards
-item cards
-whiteboards and markers
-powerpoint file
-computer and a way to display your powerpoint

-Class will be split into teams. It's kind of important for the number of groups to be 6 because of the dice. If you have some other rng method like a rng app on your phone then you can use that and any number of teams is fine. Each group will need a whiteboard and a marker.
-Put the character cards on the board and give each team 30 seconds to choose a character they want. Then ask the class "who wants _____?" and write down the group number of the team that raises their hand on the character card with a dry erase marker. Place that card on the starting lin of the race course. Do this for each team. If multiple teams want the same character, do the usual. Janken.
-Once all the teams have selected their characters you may begin the game.
-The game starts off with a question on the powerpoint quiz. The time you allot for each question is up to you. I did 30 sec for easy questions and 1 min for harder ones. At the end lf the time, have each team raise their boards and you can judge which team wrote the correct answer. If they wrote the correct answer, that team's character moves forward twice.

-This next part is the fun part. The teams that got the answer wrong will have to wait for the next question :( But teams who got it right will have one person stand up. All teams representatives will have to do a Janken battle the ALT! If you have a lot of questions you want to do, you can do one round only. If you want to drag the lesson on longer, you can give them a "second chance". So one or two janken battles with you. Losers sit down. Winners can come to the front of the class.
-On a table, you will have the items cards all spread out face down. This is why it was important for the cards to be thicker. It wont be fun if they can see it. The winning teams will come up to pick up 1 card. So i would say "3,2,1....Go!" and they would all grab a card when i said "go". The item cards function as follows:

mushroom - 2 spaces forward. 3 mushrooms are 6 spaces forward
green shell - roll the dice(or use your app). whatever number it lands on, that team goes back 2 spaces. 3 green shells is 6 spaces back
red shell - have the team that pulls this discuss which team they would like to send back 2 spaces. 3 red shells can send a team back 6 spaces.

blue shell - the team(s) currently in first place go back 6 spaces.
bullet bill - puts the team that pulls this on the same spot as the team currently in first place.
lightning - all other teams go back 2 spaces.
golden mushroom - 10 spaces forward

the last 4 items are limited as they are very strong. Feel free to not use them if your class is easily demotivated. My classes get really pumped and laugh a lot so luckily I've never had to remove them.
-Once all teams have had their items used and youve adjusted all of the character cards accordingly, you just repeat this process until the end of class or until you want the to end it!

It's a lot of information and initial prep, but once you have the game set up and your class because familiar with it, it is so useful and easy to use. Teachers at my school have actually been using this game in their classes for all other subjects! not just english! I've gotten so much use out of this game so I really hope you can find it useful too!

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