A great review for your kids? SURE!

Have fun reviewing some grammars points with your students. This activity is for 2nd and 3rd grade.

Ok, I made this activity to go back and review the basics. I always go back to check if the kids remember things such: There is/are, prepositions, directions, present continuous, and so on.

1) After warming up the class (I spend 10 min talking about the previous weekend, plans after school that day, plans for the coming weekend, or any holiday), I give a piece of paper to the JET and ask them to turn around. The JET can't see the TV. I put a picture on the screen where everybody can see it except the JET. I describe a picture while the JET is drawing on the paper. When I finish, we compare them. It should take 5 min or so. The kids will laugh about it. I'm sure. At this point, you can check with the students the topics you want to review with them.

2) Now is the time for the kids. I change the picture (I should probably call them drawings because it is what I use, but anything can work well), and I turn the TV off. The JET and I describe the new drawing to the students while they are drawing. Repeat every step 2 or 3 times (there is a mountain on the left. The sun is on the right corner. And so on). When you are done, project the drawing on the screen so the kids can see it. Few students will be surprised at how accurately they did it. ( I use the picture of the school in this step, because it is simple. I also use some gestures to make it easier). Take 6 to 8 min here.

3) Here comes the fun part. Sit the students in pairs, but one student will be facing the screen, and the other one facing the wall at the back of the room. The person facing the TV cannot check what the person behind is drawing. They need to communicate in English to get the drawing right. They can describe things like: "The cat is under the table. The cat is looking at the mouse. The boy is smiling. There is a cake on the table". After you say stop, check what they did and switch roles.

⚠️Control the time here. Check the time you have left, and dive it in 2. Everybody should do both roles.

The kids have studied all these grammar points back in 1st grade. So they should be able to do this activity without any problem. You can check some vocabulary just in case. For example: castle, tree, mountain, boat, or things like that.

I use scratch paper from the school. Every time I change the picture, the kid should have a new one.

The reflection here is to understand how important communication is.

Good luck, and leave me your comments telling me how did it go.

Submitted by Fernand April 24, 2024 Estimated time: 50 min

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