4th gr This is my day - Make your own story

Instead of using the very limited cards and just decide the time schedule of your story, the student get a wider field of view, they get freedom to tell the story from their own creativity.

IMPORTANT: This activity takes time, your should not start this until you are sure to have at least 5 or 6 lessons, you should start after 2 or 3 lessons of the Unit 9.

The aim of this activity is to make them understand by themselves how far they went in English learning, pretty all the word samples in the preparation sheets were studied during the two last years. They have an opportunity to use what they studied to make their owm amazing and original story IN ENGLISH!

Description of the content:
The helpers are there to prepare all the scenarii, it is something you use when you shoot movies, interviews, and so on. Like a shotlist, the team will know the direction, what we need to make the story, where do we start, where do we go, the goal and all the information to make it efficiently without any problem. What they write in the helper is not what they write in the story, it is what the story will be about. If you do not understand this, let me give you an exemple. If you want to shoot an interview, in the shotlist you will write "date, people's names, 105mm lens, morning, sound engineer yes or no, props needed (chair, umbrella...)" It doesnt mean that in the final interview the director film himsef saying "hello there, look! this is my Arri camera and a great 105mm lens on it, today we will interview mister John Doe in the morning and he will be sitting on a blue chair!" I am sure you understand now.

1st lesson: Presentation of the project, each group will create its own story, *********`s Day. It could be a kid in the group, a teacher, member of your family, your pet, popular people, singer, anime character, and so on... the First lesson aim is to be sure everyone understand what we are going to do and choose their character.

2nd lesson: prepare the scenario, the content. Use the first half of the "helper". This way, everyone in the group knows it happens in summer (for exemple) and don`t draw snowy landscape.

3rd lesson: prepare the scenario and start drawing, use the second half of the helper. The teachers help the kids to define what time of the day they will draw. "wake up time" etc.

4th lesson: It`s now the time to draw hard, the content should be decided, everyone knows what they have to draw, the teacher now help the kids to write the lines in english, they can just copy the exact terms they have in the book if it fits with their story but they are free to draw something else, in this case, the teacher will help them to write a simple explanation.

5th lesson: they continue to draw and finish to write the English lines.

6th lesson: They finish their drawings, write their names, class, date. The teacher color print for each kids in the group. They can even tell their story in front of the class.

LAST LESSON (and after)
It will take you some time but it is a great opportunity to make something unique, beautiful and memorable. I Add some template files you could edit in the program "HANAKO" 花子 these are A3 format .jhd files, you can choose your favourite drawing of each stories and create a great cover for their books, add the children and teacher's names, the title, year, class. Use the school photocopier (BandW or colour, depending what the teacher allows you to do) to give each child its own.

Submitted by Toscan February 27, 2024 Estimated time: 5 lessons of 45 minutes minimum

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