Activities posted by UonumaRobert

  • Yokai War 'Asked or Told'

    This is a write and race activity for practicing 'He told me to study' or 'She asked her friend to have coffee'


    Flexable writing and speaking games for practicing in groups.

  • Fall for English 'Race and Speak'

    A Race and Speak type game along with follow up writing

  • Months and Plural Verbs Concentration

    Introduce the months with a short three hint quiz, play concentration and do some writing

  • Quiz and Survivor Game 'Does she play it?'

    A quiz to introduce 'Does Questions', Survivor Game to practice and then some writing as a follow up.

  • Tsum Tsum Concentration 1-20 PPT

    Practice speaking numbers 1-20 to find the tsum tsum faces. Made for a small class.

  • Whose-Which Quizzes

    Two connected quizzes meant for practicing Whose and Which Possessive Questions.

  • End of Summer Review Quiz Game

    This is a Race and Speak review quiz for the beginning of the second term.

  • Stick Figure Races and Writing

    A jankan based pattern practice for the general infinitive, small talk and follow up writing.

  • Robot Quiz

    A short four choice quiz companion for Sunshine One page 44.

  • Flying Fish 'Koi No Bori' Point Game

    A race and speak or write and race point game suitable for the spring.

  • The Bomb Game (Hot Potato Game)

    A powerpoint version of the 'bakudan game' as its called in Japan or hot potato as we often called it Canada.

  • Hinamatsuri Point Game

    A race and speak activity loosely based on the Doll's Day Festival in March.

  • Pokemon Wipeout

    A race and speak activity that can be adjusted to various target language goals.

  • Yokai Feud

    This is a row based battle game. It is useful if your class isn't allowed more traditional group or pair work. It is based on activities like Gang War and Battle for Japan.


    A race and speak activity to review Sunshine Three at the end of the year.

  • Monster Town Point Game

    Made for One World Smile 5 lesson 8. This is a race and speak game for practicing giving street directions.

  • Space Defenders vs. Asteroids

    A Race and Speak Activity paired with a Write and Race Activity. Geared to Sunshine Two Pg. 88 prepositions practice.

  • Hello Kitty! What do you want to be? GAME

    A group powerpoint game for practicing job names for One World Smile Six.

  • New Year's Review Race and Speak

    A flexable New Year's themed point get game.