Flexable writing and speaking games for practicing in groups.

FIXED A GLITCH: On some slides vader's ship was vanishing after the red x-wing was selected. I've fixed this.

These are new themes based on my older activities.

I'm currently using it as a review activity for my third years. Eventually I'll post other versions based on different grammar points.

NOTE: The worksheet is the first two pages of the powerpoint. You print out those two pages and pass them out one copy per group or student depending on how you and your partner are doing things.

Sith Surprise is the 'bakudan Game' or 'hot potato'. The students will need bean bags or something to pass around their group. I generally don't have the students put their desks together when they make groups for this activity so everyone can see the board more clearly. Go to the play slide and they'll see the key words. Give an example or two of sentences they can make using the key words. Then click forward once to start the music.The first student uses the key words to make a sentence and then passes the bean bag or ball. The next student makes a new sentence using the same key words and passes the bean bag. They continue until the music stops and darth vader pops up. Whoever has the bean bag at this point loses that round. I generally don't bother with any kind of punishment. The students find it amusing enough without.

Death Stars Battles is a writing game in much the same style as Almost Pokemon or Space Defenders. The story slides introduce Palpatine, the rebels and the death stars. I'd go over this a bit since a lot of students will not be very familiar with Star Wars.

The demonstration slide lets you demonstrate the activity. Explain each group will have a question paper and answer paper. You can alternately make answer papers for each individual student. The students should take turns writing the answers and bringing the answers to a teacher. Click on the small one box to show an example question and then on the question to show an example answer and on the answer to make both question and answer disappear. Tell the students one member goes to a teacher to show their answer and if its okay they click on one of the three lego figure boxes. This will cause an X-Wing to fire at the death star. For the first demonstration don't pick Green. Pick Red or Blue. Red and Blue are misses, tell the students they don't get a point and they can go back and work on the next question. Then demonstrate with the second question. This time select Green and the death star will be destroyed. That team gets one point and the next slide banner should be selected to continue the game.

I use a tablet in class for these types of games so the students manage the game completely, clicking on the figure they want and recording their own points and clicking the next screen banner. This frees up both teachers to check answers and help groups that are struggling. If you can't use a tablet one teacher may need to be in charge of the computer while the other checks answers. Although I've found these days kids can use the computer pretty well, just don't attach the mouse. Students can still write their own points on the board.

You then put the students into groups with their desks together. Each group works at their own pace to get through as many questions as they can within the time limit. When time is up there is a hidden hyperlink that goes to the game over screen. It is located in the top center of the screen. If you click on the animated gif the music stops.

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  • DEATH STARS BATTLES 'Infinitive, Comparative and Superlative'.pptx (19 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert January 16, 2023 Estimated time: 10 to 15 for Sith Surprise and 20 to 25 for Death Stars Battles

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