Fall for English 'Race and Speak'

A Race and Speak type game along with follow up writing

This is a Race and Speak game made to be played with a tablet connecting to the TV or projector.

The students are put into groups and select their order. When you show a question or the key sentences one member from each group goes to a teacher and answers the challenge. If they got it they go to the tablet and click on a leaf, see their points and record them on the board. Once every team has answered (Or when a time limit you select is reached) you click on the question to go to the answer check slide then either swipe forward or click the answer to continue. It isn't optimized for computer play (one teacher checking answers and another controlling the game) since the students will have a hard time saying what leaf they want. If you are using it that way I suppose you could get the students to point to the leaf they want on the screen.

If somebody accidentally moves from the game slide to the answer slide you can click back. If you are low on time and want to jump to game over click on the small rabbit illustration. That takes you to game over. If that was a mistake just click forward to the next screen and click on one of the months to go back to the question.

At the end of the game total up all the points and cheer the winner. The song playing on the game over slide can be stopped and restarted by clicking the goose picture.

Reduced Relative Pronouns and Relative Pronouns Review

This is a Fix It style quiz. The sentences have mistakes and the students must identify them and come up and speak the correct sentence. The mistakes are marked in red to make the activity go faster. I find with Race and Speak activities you don't want the challenges to be too hard since ideally you want every team to answer each challenge quickly enough. For challenging problems I'd suggest a Write and Race activity where the teams work at their own pace such as 'Pencils and Bombs' or 'Gang War'.

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  • FALL FOR ENGLISH 'Fix it-Reduced Relative Pronouns & Relative Pronouns'.pptx (9 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert October 28, 2022 Estimated time: 20-30 for the game plus a lot more for the connected activites. Check with your teaching partner about what they want to do.

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