Activities posted by GaeilgeAmee

  • Advice about Japan

    JHS 2nd Grade exercise practicing different modal/auxiliary verbs.

  • Haunted House

    A fun Halloween activity where students collect coins and escape a haunted mansion

  • Disco Typhoon

    A fun, disco-themed spin on the classic game!

  • My Strange Vacation

    A fun interview activity to practice past simple questions.

  • Past Simple Practice!

    This presentation reviews some common past simple verb forms and also introduces the question forms with the help of some practice sentences.

  • I am watching TV now!

    Short and sweet slideshow introducing the Present Continuous.

  • Modal Masters (I wish I could...)

    A fun writing relay to practice modal verb "could" with a festive theme.

  • Post Modification Jeopardy (Autumn Themed)

    An Autumn themed game of Jeopardy to review various types of post-modification

  • Comparatives Jeopardy (Autumn Themed)

    An autumn themed Jeopardy to practice comparatives and superlatives

  • She loves dogs! (3rd Person Singular)

    An entire class based around the 3rd Person Singular for 1st Grade of Junior High School

  • It's Talk-o-clock!!

    A full lesson based on : "What time...?" questions

  • Does your mother know...?

    A group "write and race" to practice word order for indirect questions

  • Present Prefect Practice

    An English grammar lesson to review the present perfect

  • Food Miles Intro

    A short introduction to Food Miles

  • "If you have time..." Grammar Presentation

    A short PPT for reviewing and practicing "If..." sentences.

  • What/How/Are you? Electric Boogaloo

    A short and fun interview activity where students ask set questions to guess which character each of their classmates is.

  • Who can do what?

    A short writing activity and guessing game for students to practice writing "I can..." sentences.

  • "What do you Call it?"

    A quiz that makes students guess what various different items are called in different English -speaking countries.

  • 3年生 Typhoon Review Questions

    A list of questions for a review game of Typhoon based on New Horizons 3 (JHS 3rd Grade Textbook)