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JHS 2nd Grade exercise practicing different modal/auxiliary verbs.

Recently, I was tasked with coming up with something to help 2nd Grade students practice the auxiliary verbs on Pg.73 of the New Horizons 2nd Grade textbook (can, will, may, must).

First, I get students to do a quick practice in pairs with translating the sentences into Japanesr to make sure they understand the meaning of each verb. As far as I know, the book only teaches "may" in one context, but it can be useful to explain to students that it can be used as "you might..." or "you have permissions to..." this may require some Japanese input or help from the JTE but do so at your own discretion.

After that, students try the quick little irasutoya quiz in pairs, choosing the most approproate option for each pocture. I then go over the meaning of the answer and of all the other options so students can see the reasoning behind the correct answer.

Finally, students tackle the advice worksheet. I usually allow them to stay in their pairs to help each other out, but stress that all of their answers have to be their own. The worksheet itself is very self explanatory, their foreign friend is coming to Japan and they have to explain some plans for the trip and give the friend some advice about being in Japan. I also don't allow students to use the same sentence more than once.

My students had fun giving people interesting or very niche pieces of advice, you could also change Japan to your specific refecture or town if you feel like it. Enjoy!

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