Activities posted by robertsbp

  • Fold a Fortune Teller Activity

    Short activity meant to practice the "I / You / He/she will..." grammar point based around the school kid fortune teller game.

  • We're going to America! (I'm going to~ Activity)

    Activity aimed for 2nd Year JHS that teaches kids about various American cities while giving them a preview of the American TSA experience.

  • End of Year Reflection Worksheet

    Simple worksheet with writing and drawing elements to help students reflect on their first year of JHS.

  • Save Tom the Turkey! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    A brief PowerPoint about the concept of the Presidential Pardon of the Turkey with a matching letter-writing activity. Heavy focus on fun, creative writing

  • I want to go to... (Interactive World Map)

    An interactive world map powerpoint designed to get kids speaking about where they would like to travel to. Practice's "You can see" and "You can eat" sentence structure

  • Internet English (English Emojis and Acronyms)

    A short and fun cultural presentation with original illustrations introducing English emojis and acronyms commonly used in an online space.

  • I Found Mewo! (Prepositions with Mewo Update)

    An updated version of the "Prepositions with Mewo" PowerPoint with optional "hide and seek" activity with Mewo afterwards.

  • Count to Twenty Challenge

    A simple closing or warm up activity that helps promote listening and counting skills.

  • Pronoun Lesson - A New Way to Say "They"

    An inclusive English presentation structured to teach students how to use the genderless pronoun "they" in situations where gendered pronouns may not work.

  • English Idioms (with matching Kahoot!)

    A Powerpoint activity with literal Japanese translations to help students learn about some of the silly English idioms we have.

  • Issun-Boushi Animated Story (The One-Inch Boy)

    An animated PowerPoint story retelling of the Japanese folk tale, Issun-Boushi, with comprehension checks throughout the story to solidify understanding

  • BATTLE SQUIDS (Zelda: Wind Waker Edition)

    A battleship activity to practice passive voice. Based on the mini game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

  • Which Anime Character is best? Tournament-style!

    A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

  • Prepositions with Mewo

    An activity practicing the use of by, on, in, in front of, behind, and under