I Found Mewo! (Prepositions with Mewo Update)

An updated version of the "Prepositions with Mewo" PowerPoint with optional "hide and seek" activity with Mewo afterwards.

Hello everyone!

I just got the chance to re-run the Prepositions with Mewo presentation at my school again, and since it was one of the first lessons/activities I ever created, I decided to update it and include an extra activity to help extend so it would fit the whole class time.

It went over really well with the students, and I thought you guys might enjoy it as well!!

Note: all credit goes to @twicapp for giving me the idea for the hide and seek activity!

First, you'll need to do a bit of prep. In the file called "mewo" you'll see a Word file with two Mewos. Print three of these sheets out, laminate them, and cut them out. Put a bit of tape on the back of them. We'll use these later.

Be sure to print out the supplementary writing activity called "I found Mewo!" for each student as well.

Now, during class, go through the Powerpoint as usual. Prompt students to repeat after you and drill that grammar point: "Mewo is (location word) the (item)."

List of edits:
- I've added words for the items in the room to help review that vocabulary for the students.
- Updated animations to better fit PowerPoint.
- Deleted a few location word slides that weren't relevant to the following activity.
- I've included the font file I used for the PP in this activity.

After you've gone through Mewo bouncing around the room, you'll reach a "Great Job! You found Mewo!" slide. This is where things get really interesting. Pass out the writing worksheet titled "I Found Mewo!" and ask the students to leave the room. Don't give any context; let them be confused. It adds to the fun.

Remember those Mewos we cut out? Well, go and stick them anywhere you want. I like hiding him behind doors, under desks, on shelves; get creative (though I'd recommend not hiding them actually inside student's personal bags and belongings, or areas where students have to stand on a chair to get to). When all six Mewos are hidden, let the students back into the room.

Explain the grammar point "I found Mewo on/in/by/under/behind/in front of the ______." (ex: I found Mewo by the box.) Explain to the students that there are six Mewos in the classroom, and it's their job to find them. When they find a Mewo, they are to write a sentence: "I found Mewo under the desk. I found Mewo behind the door., etc." Note: don't let students touch Mewo! They are only looking and writing.

Feel free to give them hints if they're struggling. It helps with their listening!

At the end of class, have students read their sentences to help you find Mewo. Not all students will find him, and that's okay! They get really excited when you make the big reveal.

I hope that helps!! It was a lot of fun running this activity, and I hope it helps you guys later down the road.

Thanks again for all your great comments and suggestions, guys!

Edit: I realized that I somehow messed up and deleted the "by" slide?? Don't know how that happened lol but it's fixed now!

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    Submitted by robertsbp August 31, 2023 Estimated time: 30-45 minutes
    1. GinaG October 31, 2023

      Thank you so much for this! My class is focusing on object characteristics, so I had to change poor Mewo to "the cat" so we could say "It's", please forgive me xD I will be using this with my fourth graders!

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