Issun-Boushi Animated Story (The One-Inch Boy)

An animated PowerPoint story retelling of the Japanese folk tale, Issun-Boushi, with comprehension checks throughout the story to solidify understanding

Hey folks!

I was greatly inspired by Agenius5's Digital stories, and I had a few deskwarming days, so I decided to whip this up. It was a great way for me to learn PowerPoint, and may have taken way longer to make than intended, haha.

Back in my college Japanese class, one of our final projects was to tell a Japanese folktale in Japanese, so I already had a few materials ready. I repurposed it to be told in English to use in my classes.

I made the character images for Issun-Boushi, Big Boushi, and the Princess myself, and pulled the rest of the imagery from

I wanted to include easy comprehension checks at certain points in the story to ensure that the students are following along with the story. The questions are easy, mostly for fun, and designed to build confidence. Issun-Boushi is a pretty popular folktale, so most students should already be familiar with it.

I designed this in mind for my 2nd year JHS students, and I might try with my 1st years as well if my JTE approves it.

Be sure to practice running through the animations a few times to get the timing right! Some of them are designed to play on their own, while others require a click to activate.

I decided not to add BGM or sound effects because all the animations were already making the presentation run slow, haha. I'll probably pull up a generic Japanese music playlist to play in the background on YouTube or something.

It's about 40 slides in total, with 4 comp check slides. Some difficult vocabulary has been translated, but students should already be familiar with most of the words in the story. I'll also try to upload the fonts I used because I wasn't sure if they were default or not.

Thanks guys for checking this out! I hope y'all enjoy, it was a lot of fun to make!

Edit: I made an extra worksheet with the comp questions and some matching activities to help further understanding. I've gone ahead and attached it to this activity!

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    Submitted by robertsbp March 2, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    1. ezedebella March 2, 2023

      This is fantastic, incredibly well done. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece!

    2. UonumaRobert March 2, 2023

      Wonderful. The transitions were extraordinary. And adding the Com Checks was a great idea.

    3. jasonX March 2, 2023

      Amazing, thank you!

    4. Nisemono March 2, 2023

      dang this is so smooth! this is the perfect time of the year to pump these types of filler activities out. this saves me so much time thank you!

    5. AsakawaSune March 2, 2023

      This is amazing!!!

    6. CrayonNickChan March 2, 2023

      Incredibly well made. As a short guy, this story makes me sad. lol

    7. ALTPeter March 2, 2023

      Excellent work !!! and I agree with Crayon Nick...being vertically challenged myself the story itself is.... but the ppt is fantastic!!!!

    8. Daryl_Jay March 3, 2023

      Wow! This is perfect! And the comp check made it even remarkable. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece.

    9. Driedgrapes March 3, 2023

      Brilliance!! Pure briliance!

    10. ALTMyokokogen March 6, 2023

      Amazing! Love your art and powerpoint skills!

    11. Agenius5 March 6, 2023

      Wow, you definitely did a good job with this story. great job! Take a look at my Momotaro story next.

    12. Ulysses March 8, 2023

      This was excellent. Fantastic work

    13. Gomotsegang Moshoette March 8, 2023

      Absolutely brilliant

    14. yellowbird March 14, 2023

      I had so much to say to you, it was too long so.
      i will let you know that I think this is magnificently presented in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND way for teachers who arent confident in their english ability can easily say

    15. morebeans March 15, 2023

      a lesson to all the short kings: just use a magic hammer and get taller!
      jokes aside, this is super fun. Thanks so much for your hard work!!

    16. jintapatchi09 March 15, 2023

      Amazing ppt. I had to change some sentences because my 2nd grade JHS are abit lower.
      I have a question (Sorry if I missed it). What are the 4 pictures at the bottom of the worksheet for?

    17. robertsbp March 16, 2023

      hey @Jintapatchi09! Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you and your students enjoyed it!

      Those pictures are for a scene arranging activity, so the students are to match the scenes with the sentences provided on the second page. The answers are B, A, E, D, C!

    18. crisxselda March 16, 2023

      Amazing, as always! 👏

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