I want to go to... (Interactive World Map)

An interactive world map powerpoint designed to get kids speaking about where they would like to travel to. Practice's "You can see" and "You can eat" sentence structure

The file is HUGE, so you can download it here:


I made this for my Special Needs classes, but I can see it being used for late elementary/early Junior high as well.

It's just a small world map that, when you click on the flags of each country, it will bring you to a page that tells you more about that country! It's intended as a speaking/reading activity, but mostly I just wanted to get the kids interested in different countries.

First, ask a student "Which country do you want to go to?"

They respond "I want to go to xx."

Click on the flag, and you'll get to that country's page. There are two "You can see" and two "You can eat" prompts for each page.

I haven't used this in class yet, so I don't have a precise plan for it. I figured I'd share it with you guys in case you guys can find a use for it!

Also, I've included the fonts I used, so the designs fit a little bit better.

Please Note: I highly recommend running this presentation in PowerPoint, not Google Slides or Keynote. There are certain animation effects I don't think will translate well when brought over to other programs.

Submitted by robertsbp November 15, 2023 Estimated time: 10-25 minutes

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