Which Anime Character is best? Tournament-style!

A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

Hey guys! This activity was a huge hit with my kids and I'd figured I'd upload it here for you guys.

My JTE asked me to make an activity centering around the "which" grammar point, and so this little tournament poll was born!

First, I provide a script for the kids:

"Which Anime Character is the best, ___________ or ___________?"

"I think _____________ is the best."

"Oh, thank you!"

The kids should ask three people per bracket and fill in the circle of the winner. (So, if Naruto got two votes and Goku got one, Naruto would have two filled circles and Goku would have one.) Then they move the winning character down to the next bracket, ask three new people, and so on until they have a winner.

Then, at the end of the activity, I collect all the papers and add up the winning characters, adding suspense and dramatic pauses. The kids love rooting for their favorite characters.

I like this activity because it centers mostly around talking and practicing that grammar point. The students are encouraged to break from their usual friend group and ask new people. Plus, you can add new characters or change the subject to whatever you like. It's very flexible.

I made this for my 1st year JHS students, but I can see it being used for upper elementary as well.

I uploaded a Word version and a pdf version; I use a mac so I'm not sure how the formatting will change when I export it in word.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Which is the best anime character.docx (1.78 MB)
  • Which is the best anime character.pdf (1.83 MB)
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    Submitted by robertsbp October 20, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
    1. Miles October 20, 2022

      Oh, this is a cool idea. I find the "which ___ do you ___?" grammar point to be a little dry sometimes, so it's nice to spice it up.

    2. kusobaba October 20, 2022

      I agree, a really nice idea. Thanks.

    3. TheBlueStuff December 4, 2022

      Awesome game, thanks forsharing. I edited the anime characters with other ones and added a greyscale background image to spice it up

    4. TheBlueStuff October 4, 2023

      heres the edit

    5. sensei Love October 11, 2023

      Great Idea!!! Quick question though, how do they move the characters down? Do i make cut outs of the characters on the side?

    6. robertsbp October 25, 2023

      @sensei_Love the idea is that the students just write the winning characters name in the blank, but if you want to provide cut outs if you have the time, that can work as well!

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