Complete the Sentence (Passive Voice)

Questions and sentence prompts that can be used with passive voice.

These can be used on a worksheet, however it's better to ask the questions and have the students say their answer. I use this activity as a 'Row Game' at the beginning of a lesson: students have to "buzz in" first and answer quickly and correctly.

Tell students that you will say a sentence, but they have to complete the sentence. The words in bold can be left out for this purpose.

(In your house,) dinner is cooked by [my mother, my brother, etc.].
(In your house,) the bathtub is cleaned by [my father, me, etc.].
In our school, [subject] is taught by [teacher's name].
Ame ni mo makezu was written by Miyazawa Kenji.
Gyoza are usually eaten with rice / ramen .
In Japan, apples are grown in Aomori.
In Japan, mangoes are grown in Miyazaki.
Kimchi is eaten by many people in Korea.
Soccer is played in Brazil and Spain.
Kangaroos and emus are seen in Australia.
Setsubun is held in February every year.
My Neighbour Totoro was made by Miyazaki Hayao / Studio Ghibli.
Tokyo Tower was built in 1958.
Einstein was born in 1879.
Tokugawa Ieyasu was born in 1543.
In Shirakawa-go a large amount of thatch is used on each roof. (specifically for Sunshine 2 Program 11 "Yui - To Share Is to Live")

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki February 5, 2021 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

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