Let's Try TWO Unit 9 Point Games and Daily Book

Materials I plan on using for lesson 9. Mainly practicing with keyword game, 5x5 point get and making and sharing a daily book

NOTE: I posted this before but decided I wasn't comfortable trying to teach so many time terms. That can be left for the 5th year teacher. Still I have five weeks to do this unit and I want to try reviewing the 'oclock' time phrase we taught before.

The activities presented here I will use over the first three weeks of the unit.

Lesson one will include watching the story from the digital textbook, discussing it, using the teacher three choice quiz to introduce daily activities and time. You'll need to edit the answer reveal depending on your and you're team teacher's answers.

Then move onto practicing four of the daily activities. First I'll use the key word game. This is also known as the eraser get game and can be done in pairs or groups or individually against the teacher. If you click on one of the activity cards it will reveal a star. This is the key word. You clap and say vocabulary. The students clap and repeat but if you say the keyword rather than clapping and repeating they grab the eraser, or touch their head or whatever the instruction is.

Next is the points game. This is a group activity. The group selects a time and an activity then raises their hands. They must say together the activity and the time. You click on the box that indicates to give the team points. Go until every time has one chance then if time permits do a second round.

Finally the presentation demonstrates how to make the first page of the daily activities book. I haven't made the actual book I'll have the students use yet.

The second lesson using the next part of the presentation to introduce four more vocabulary terms and the third lesson will do the same.

The fourth lesson will review the terms and practice presenting their daily books to each other in groups and pairs.

The final lesson will have them present their daily books to the class.

If I'm tight on time and I will be I'll cut the teacher quizzes and I'll have them make the books in the fourth week rather than do one page per week.

We shall see.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

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