My Dream Speech - Project 1 New Crown 2

Speech about what students want to be when they grow up.

I made a example for how to write the opening, body and closing of the My Dream speech from New Crown 2 page 29.

This set includes two examples. Sample sentences. A brainstorming sheet. and a blank "Open, body, closing" sheet for students to write their speech.

Page 28 has some exercises for the students to start brain storming. This works very well in groups of 2-4. Have them do each section of the Think and Talk area. For 1 use the phrases "What are you interest in?" "I am interested in ...". For 2 use the phrases "What are you good at?" "I am good at ...". For 3 and 4 you can do together, I suggest using dictionaries to find what they want to be and what they think their classmates should be. Then, have them give advice to each other using the phrases in the textbook (“I think that … is good for you.” “I think that ... is perfect for you.”). If you are not using the textbook, you can use these phrases to create discussion.

Using the worksheet, I have provided, along with pg 29 of the textbook. We first read the samples together and have the students discuss what they understood.

I have the students do the brainstorming in groups, but they must choose different dreams. no copying They can write in Japanese then translate using dictionaries and teacher's help. Depending on level it can take 2 classes to complete.

Then, in groups, they will help each other write their speech in the last page provided using brain storming sheet, examples, and sample sentences.

Finally, they will present their speech.

Depending on time and student level, you can have them memorize the speech or use the speech sheet.

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    Submitted by DelCas June 22, 2021 Estimated time: 3-4 hours
    1. aggro crag June 12, 2023

      also works with page 58 in Blue sky 2

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