This is my day

A fun powerpoint showing my schedule as an ALT

My HRT asked me to make a powerpoint for the Let's Try 2 Unit 9 This is My Day. To be used as a warmup before going through the main vocab.

This is my first time making this kind of powerpoint with animations and all. I definitely had fun making it and using irasutoya (so surprised they have a picture for EVERYTHING). Featuring my cats Nugget and Kobe (rip).
Feel free to use and edit as you please!

added slide transitions and a worksheet the students could use to make their own schedule. they can play a guessing game afterwards. my school doesn't really use chromebooks for their English class so having every worksheet physically is a must (;^ω^)

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    Submitted by wyxhime February 21, 2022 Estimated time:
    1. UonumaRobert February 21, 2022

      Nice, has a lot of personality.

    2. Lucasmh February 21, 2022

      If you changed the transitions from the simple blip into existance to the page turn, it will flow really well

    3. wyxhime February 22, 2022

      @Lucasmh i was thinking of that but wasn't able to figure out how to do it in japanese lol

    4. UonumaRobert February 22, 2022

      Transitions are at the top of powerpoint. The menu titled '画面切り替え'. Select all your slides and then pick the transition you like.

    5. Lucasmh February 22, 2022

      I had a lot of trouble at first, since my Japanese is so poor. My soultion was to click at the buttons until I got what I wanted and hit the undo button anytime I was incorrect. Robert's way is better though haha

    6. UonumaRobert February 22, 2022

      That is the secret. That and continuously bugging the person sitting beside me. Also to select all slides. Click on a slide in the slide sidebar, then in the ホーム menu at the far right click 選択 and then すべて選択 to select all slides. Also useful for selecting everything on a single slide.

    7. wyxhime February 24, 2022

      @UonumaRobert so that's what that button was! i was so focused on looking for it in the "animations" tab hahaha thank you so much! :D

    8. Charg February 24, 2022

      As another person who struggles with translating the menus I found a nice setting where you can hover over nearly any text in powerpoint/word and it will have a small English translation underneath! Go to File>Options>Language and scroll to the very bottom, there should be a dropdown menu where you can select English. It's called "screentip"! (maybe you have already found this, but just in case you haven't) :)

    9. UonumaRobert February 24, 2022

      That does sound useful Charq but I'm not sure I'm following the right path. So it's ファイル > オプション > 言語? That's the closest to languages I'm finding under options.

    10. Charg February 24, 2022

      Yes! That's right. There should be a tab that says ポップヒント, with a dropdown menu underneath it. My school has office 2013, so maybe the option is in a different spot?

    11. UonumaRobert February 24, 2022

      Maybe in a different spot. I've found the tab for turning the hints on and off but nothing for language. I'll keep looking though. Would be very useful for some of these mystery tabs.

    12. Charg February 24, 2022

      Although this a 12 year old video on a different version of office, the path I took is exactly the same! If it's not there or 英語 isn't an option you can choose I have some other ideas, so let me know if you're still interested in getting it to work! It's definitely made navigating around much easier for me.
      Another option is just changing the display language completely, but that's not quite as fun and you need admin permissions :(

    13. UonumaRobert February 24, 2022

      @Charq I watched the video and the option for ポップヒント doesn't seem to be there anymore. And yeah display language requires admin permission which is way too much trouble to bother with. If you've got other ideas let me know.

    14. KobeALT March 15, 2022

      This is so cute! I made one of these for my day but I added blank clocks to the slide so students could draw on what time they did the thing too. I don't have pets so I had to say goodbye to my plant... This is such a long unit. I have 5 lessons on it, haha.

      Request for ALTopedia: If someone would like to do a translation guide for Japanese Powerpoint, it would greatly be appreciated!

    15. nickteacher January 18, 2023

      How did you use the worksheet PDF that you have attached? Do students just write in the time they do each activity?

    16. AsakawaSune January 30, 2023

      This had my kids cracking up, especially the cooking, homework, and cat jumping around parts.

    17. Markteacher89 February 20, 2024

      My students loved this. Was a great way to introduce this unit better than the book did. I agree with @UonumaRobert. This PP shows a lot of you as a person, and as such makes the English you are teaching relatable to the students. Thanks for this!

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