Sentence Arranging Game for JHS

Sentence arranging game based on the last few chapters of New Crown 1. Not New Crown specific though.

This is a sentence arranging game I made for JHS. It's based on the last few chapters of the New Crown 1 textbook as I made it as a review for the beginning of the year for my second years. I did also use it as a review for my third years and they really enjoyed it. There's a variety of grammar used in the sentences including present continuous, past simple, past continuous, etc. I printed out seven copies of the cards then laminated and cut them. Please note that all of the laminating and cutting takes quite some time.

I split the class up into groups of five or six (may need more sets of cards depending on how many groups this makes for your class). Everyone gets a worksheet. The goal is for the team to arrange the sentences correctly and then EVERYONE on the team has to write the sentence down on their worksheet. Once EVERYONE on the team is done writing, one person from the team has to run up to you and read the sentence to you. If it's correct, they get points. If not, they have to go back and try again. I made it so that the first three teams to get it right get two points and the other teams get one point. Oh I also made it so that they had to pick an order of who comes to read it to me so that every student has to come read a sentence to me at some point.

If you want to challenge them, I made a set of challenge words for each sentence. If you add these in, each sentence will have one word they don't use. My third years did well with the challenge word but my second years struggled a bit with them.

The students really enjoyed this activity, and it forced every student to participate because they had to write it down for their team to finish. By the end of the game, even my students who never participate were pretty into it.

Some housekeeping recommendations:
Try to hand out the sentences in the order they're printed on the sheet because I made the worksheet have longer lines for numbers that have longer sentences. I used colored rubber bands to keep track of the order.
Ask the kids to shuffle the cards before they put them back, or just shuffle the cards as you hand them out.
It helps if your JTE keeps score because things get a little hectic with students running up to you.

Hope y'all enjoy this!! This was a lot of info so if anything is unclear just let me know!

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