Connect 4!

The classic game for use in translation races or similar acivities.

Connect 4!

Super easy Connect 4 activity for use with translation races or other quick question games.

Either students in groups (split evenly into red and yellow teams);
-Ask a question, say a sentence in Japanese or an incomplete sentence.
-Team that can answer/say the sentence in English/complete the sentence can choose where to place their token.
-Continue until one team wins!

Or in my preferred use, do a traditional translation race with students in groups (split into red and yellow teams). Each time they get a sentence correct, they can place a token for their team. I included several game grids for this style of use so that it‘s possible to play several complete games (keeping score on the blackboard).

Let me know if you think of some other ways to use this. I hope you and your students have a good time with it! Happy Wednesday folks!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Connect 4.pptx (1.13 MB)
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    Submitted by jiggswalsh July 6, 2022 Estimated time: 10-30 minutes depending on the use
    1. UonumaRobert July 6, 2022

      Very well made. I think I'll be getting some use out of it. Thanks. Small thing. On the opening slide you've accidentally unclicked the 'screen change by clicking anywhere' tab. With it unclicked you can't make the animations happen.

    2. jiggswalsh July 6, 2022

      It works if you use the keyboard, but I will change it. Thanks!

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