Gerund and Continuous Explainer with the Simpsons

Short slideshow to introduce the continuous and gerund forms of verbs using Simpsons GIFs.

Use this slide show when introducing verb gerunds (動名詞, e.g. in New Horizon 2, pp. 62 & 64) and explain the difference between it and the present continuous (現在進行形) and past continuous forms (過去進行形). Hint: all of them use a verb followed by 'ing.'

Show each slide in turn. Initially, tell students to pay close attention to the pictures. Then, ask "what is he doing?" Show the correct answer in English. Then encourage students to offer the Japanese translation. Reveal it when appropriate. Then, show the sentence with the gerund e.g. "He enjoys drinking milk." Ask students to offer a translation.

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  • 進行形 & 動名詞 -ing Explainer with the Simpsons.pptx (8.42 MB)
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    Submitted by Keith Miyazaki September 26, 2022 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. akopoito March 17, 2023

      This is cool. Thanks for sharing.

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